Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feeling Old

I haven't been doing much crafty stuff lately. My semester is almost over, I'm getting ready for my daughter's birthday party, and I have camping event to prepare for.
Anywas, I'm feeling a bit old today.  4 years ago I was in labor, getting ready to give birth to my baby girl.  (30 hours of labor to just end up with a c-section...and no food during those 30 hours. I was not a happy camper.) She is such a blessing to us, and especially to me.  She's my little angel who makes me laugh on a daily basis and who sometimes takes care of me if I'm not feeling 100%.  I feel old because she's turning four.  I feel young because she keeps me young. She's growing too fast and before you know it she'll be leaving the nest.
Sorry for my maudalin post.

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  1. Happy Birthday Cady!!!! Wish I could be there!

    Melissa, you are NOT old!


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