Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yesterday was a busy day for me, because I had to take 4 midterms, as well as taking my hubby to the movies for his birthday.  I did well on all of my midterms.  The hubby enjoyed his movie, as did I.  We saw The Eagle and it was full of AWESOME!

On to the Sweet Bag.  Today, I traced the design on to the ground fabric (32 count Zweigart Belgian Linen) and stretched it on to the stretcher bars.  Thumb tacks are hard to press into wood.  I also need more tacks, as 70 was not quite enough.  It is tight enough now that I can get started on the embroidery portion today at fighter practice. 

I have a few calligraphy and illumination items I am going to have to work on in the coming weeks also, as well as a beaded veil and keeping caught up on my school work.  My plan is to work on the sweet bag a little bit every day.

Until Next Time:)

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